Meet the teaching team

Mr. D. Butler


Ms. R Roebuck

Vice Principal

Miss H. Gilder

Assistant Principal

Phase 2 (Years 2,3 and 4)

Year 2 teacher Spitfire Class

Miss J Morgan

Assistant Principal

Phase 1 (Nursery, Reception, Year 1)

Miss P. Silk

EYFS leader of learning, nursery lead teacher

Miss H. Warren

Year 1 leader of learning

Year 1 teacher Puffine Class

Miss S. Murphy

Year 3 leader of learning

Year 3 teacher Fry Class

Miss H. Neacy

Year 4 leader of learning

Year 4 teacher Thames Class

Mrs M. Comer

Reception Teacher Unicorn Class

Mrs C. Jenkins

Reception Teacher Lion Class

Miss S. Giffard

Reception Teacher Dragon Class

Miss G. Lynch

Year 1 teacher  Robin Class

Mrs J. Holland

Year 1 teacher Kingfisher Class

Mrs M. Raza

Year 2 teacher Spitfire Class (part time)

Miss F. Sargood

Key Stage 1 Learning Support Assistant

Miss T. Hodge

Year 2 teacher Harrier class

Miss S. Verrian

Year 2 teacher Lancaster Cllass

Miss K. Choudhry

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs I. Lennon

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Smith

Year 3 teacher Bronte Class

Miss E. Hultquist

Year 3 teacher Goodall Class

Miss K. Gooch

Year 4 teacher Severn Class

Miss S. Mann

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms. R. Amos

Learning Support Assistant Nursery

Mrs A. Dunbar

Learning Support Assistant 


Mrs A. Allan

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Harrison

Learning Support Assistant

Speech and Language

Mrs K. Matthews

Nursery Nurse Reception Unicorn Class

Miss H. Werner

Nursery Nurse Reception Lion Class

Miss K. Knight

 Nursery Nurse Reception Dragon Class

Mrs. J. Shah

Learning Support Assistant Nursery