School Policies

These policies are the principles behind different aspects of academy life. Please click on the title of the policy to open it. Hard copies are available from the office if you require one.  All of our up to date policies are available on the TEFAT website.

Safeguarding, Child Protection and Behaviour:

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy, coronavirus addendum

British Values Statement

First Aid & Medicine Administration Policy

Concerns and Complaints Policy

Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Keeping Children Safe In Education

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers - eSafe specific

Use of Cameras & Phones

Medicine Procedure

Asthma Policy

Anaphylaxis/ Allergy Policy

Equality, Special Educational Needs and Disability:

SEND Policy 2020

SEN Information Report 2019

SEN Information Report 2020

Local offer for children with Special Educational Needs or Disability

Graduated Response at JLA

Provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement (primary)

TEFAT Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Referral process for pupils SEND


Dyslexia Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Staff Related:

Staff Appraisal Policy

Capability Policy


Nursery Admissions Summary

Sex and Relationships Education

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy


Charging & Remissions Policy (TEFAT)

TEFAT Audited Accounts


Admissions Statement

JLA admissions policy

Data protection:

Freedom of Information Policy