Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up. Pablo Picasso

Take One Picture John Locke Academy

At John Locke Academy, we believe art is for everyone and that children should have have access to a wide ranging, diverse selection of art forms and artists and designers. High-quality art and design lessons allow children to develop their innovation and creativity skills, which can be applied throughout our curriculum and into the wider world beyond primary school. 

From EYFS to the end KS2, children will develop an understanding of the knowledge and skills of the formal elements of art and how they are applied to design, crafting and evaluating in ‘real world contexts’. Children are exposed to a range of art movements and classic and contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds, which support their understanding of art as a form of documentation of a particular culture at a particular time. Learning in this way helps children to develop their personal art style and develop and strength many of the core values of our school. Our curriculum enables children to become proficient in a range of media - drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, collaging, digital art - whilst developing knowledge about broader concepts such as tone, colour, line, form, shape and texture.

Our intent is that children will use thier skills and knowledg to express themselves using different media. Teachers are skilled with the knowledge and resources to scaffold a range of techniques, allowing for independent exploration. Oracy for creativity and its cognitive processes are developed through discussion and evaluation of their work, that of their peers and inspirational artists and designers.

Our love for art is evident in our displays around the school and our recent Gold Artsmark accreditation. Our whole school projects are purposeful and powerful, intending to inspire all of our learners for both their academic and personal development through high quality delivery, implementation and expectations of outcomes.

Art Mapping

Art and Holi

Cityscapes by Year 3

Trees by year 5

Art with a message by year 6

Seasonal Art  by year 4

Drawing Water by year 2