Curriculum Overview

JLA Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Implementation

Learn More, Remember More, Do More

Our ambitious, engaging curriculum has been carefully planned and sequenced to enable all learners to make cognitive links within and across subjects over time. Knowledge, vocabulary and skills have been meticulously mapped out to cover the National Curriculum whilst also meeting the needs and opportunities presented by our children, community and local area. This ensures the children build a good awareness of themselves and the world around them. 

We start with ensuring all teachers have a good understanding of our children as well as a sound knowledge of the subjects they teach. We are passionate about reading and believe that this is the key to success. Reading is at the heart of all teaching and learning and we are committed to promoting the love and pleasure of reading in everything we do.

We implement a range of strategies to help children remember their learning more deeply, based on current research into how children learn and remember and retrieve information. These strategies are embedded across the curriculum.

Learning Journeys combine humanities and the arts with English to create exciting and cohesive units, driven by our core values and learning skills. Through a thorough understanding of metacognitive strategies and continuous assessment, teachers help children monitor and purposefully direct their own learning. Key historical and geographical concepts, such as Innovation or Human Impact, underpin each Learning Journey. Other subjects are typically taught as stand alone subjects; links are made where appropriate within each Learning Journey.

Each Learning Journey has a meaningful launch to create emotional investment and engage the hearts of our children. We incorporate external trips, workshops or visitors to enrich the learning and cultivate cultural capital, ensuring we are making the most of both our local area and London on our doorstep. Children record their learning in individual books, group floorbooks and by creating their own online presentations or websites. Their learning culminates in the opportunity to share their new knowledge and skills with parents through assemblies, interactive exhibitions and videos. 

Our school themes underpin each Learning Journey, and are revisited across the year groups.

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