Online Safety

At John Locke Academy we believe that by working in partnership with parents and carers we can support our children to develop safe practices for online safety. On this page you will find a range of resources to support your child.

Safer Internet Day 

Parent Webinar

Online Safety Webinar

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Webinar Presentation Slides

Online Safety Parent Webinar

Activities to complete with your child

For Parents.pdf

An interactive game to teach strategies children can use to stay safe online.

Be Internet Legends empowers younger children to use the web safely and wisely, so they can be confident explorers of the online world.

Offer your children support and guidance with a range of online safety guides.

Give your child a safe space to explore their curiosity online.

Our step by step guides will help you to set up the right controls and privacy settings on the networks, gadgets, apps, and sites they use to give them a safer online experience.

Use this excellent resource to search for any apps, games, movies or television shows and read through a full breakdown of how suitable they are for your children.