Welcome to John Locke Academy

We are a proud member of The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust.

At John Locke Academy, we are creating a primary school that makes learning irresistible. When visitors walk around the school we want them to feel the purposeful, excited buzz of children engrossed in their learning; to see teachers ensuring that children make the most of every learning opportunity and to meet parents who are proud of their children’s achievements.

​Our aim is to provide an inclusive education that meets the needs of all pupils, whatever their starting point. We believe that there is no reason for children not to fulfil their potential given the right curriculum, environment and support. The relationship between parents and the school is vital in ensuring that this potential is met. We aim to ensure that children feel safe and valued so they can work hard and play happily. Each child will have the opportunity to shine.

Our central value is kindness - kind words, kind hands, kind heart: a safe school. We do not tolerate discrimination or bullying of any sort. Diversity and difference are celebrated as much as the many things that make us the same. We seek to create a community that celebrates and welcomes all children and families.

​I hope that this website gives you a taste of life at our school and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Darrell Butler

Principal, John Locke Academy

Rolling slides

Just as a taster - have a look at these photos of year 6's year so far... and this is just up to February!

Timmy the dog became a familiar member of the staff team soon after we opened. His role has been to be a friendly face for children, staff and families. He is well trained, polite and gentle and goes home most nights with Mr. Butler. He is well groomed and up to date with all necessary vaccinations and medical requirements. He is a golden doodle - a  cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. These dogs are good for people with dog hair allergies.

He has been known to help children who are upset, missing home or in need of reassurance. He is a calming influence at John Locke Academy and spends most of his time on the sofa outside the main office. 

If you have any concerns about dogs when visiting the school, please do let the office know.