Curriculum Vision

Opening Minds to Success, Opening Hearts to Succeed

Our vision is that the children of John Locke Academy will:

John Locke Academy is named after the English philosopher, whose belief was that children are born with a  ‘tabla rasa’ or blank slate. His ‘Some Thoughts on Education‘ (1631) outlines three principles for education that have formed the backbone of modern educational change ever since: the development of a healthy body; the formation of a virtuous character; and the choice of an appropriate academic curriculum

Through our well-planned and sequenced curriculum, we make learning irresistible, ensuring that all our pupils have the knowledge, skills and strategies they need to prepare them for each stage of their life. We share John Locke’s philosophy that education is key to children having control and choice in their lives. We open and broaden minds to the wider world so that they can be successful, mindful that success, both academic and personal, can vary from individual to individual. Learning is exciting and engaging, while also being ambitious, rigorous and challenging. All children feel that they are being stretched academically and are recognised for the effort and determination they put into learning. Understanding the metacognitive processes of learning are a vital part of our vision and our ethos celebrates resilience, curiosity, open mindedness and commitment. We focus time on supporting children to learn more, remember more and do more. 

Kind Hands, Kind Words, Kind Heart: Safe School

Developing values and being able to make moral choices are an important part of our curriculum as are social skills that help all of us learn together. Manners, sharing, listening, tolerance, managing conflict are some of the themes that are taught directly and modelled by all adults and older pupils.​ Kindness is at the heart of all that we do.

Essential Learning Skills

To support our vision, these essential learning skills underpin all of our learning and are integrated at every stage of our curriculum. They unlock learning in the classroom, boosting academic outcomes, perseverance and self belief. Using the Skills Builder Framewerk, children build these skills over time and are able to explain how these skills enable them to be more successful learners.

Our Core Expectations 

Preparing children to be global 21st Century citizens is central to our vision. Children must be equipped for living in an ever changing society. We promote community cohesion by learning about each others' beliefs, faiths and cultures, while understanding the expectations for living in modern British society. At the core of these expectations are: